The Best Surfactant For Soft Washing

The Best Surfactant For Soft Washing 2023 (Our Top Picks)

What is the role of surfactant in soft washing? A surfactant plays a vital role, and when it comes to choosing one, you need something that would help bleach and water mix stay clung to the surface. Surfactant is a bleach additive that comes in handy for cleaning; it makes up soft wash solutions.

The Best Surfactant For Soft Washing (At A Glance)

Soft washing the house is also considered the safer solution to pressure washing as it is less damaging, which is another reason to get the best surfactant.

Soft washing ensures a lower risk of damaging your home’s vinyl material, and you also get to preserve your home’s foundation. When you softly wash your home, you are doing more than cleaning the house; you are also expanding the lifespan of the siding, home’s roof, and decks.

Choosing a surfactant for soft washing has been declared an overwhelming and time-consuming search for the right one. A surfactant has two parts which can be referred to as the head and the tail. The head is the water-loving (hydrophilic) part, while the bottom is water-hating (hydrophobic).

So, adding this thick product to water weakens the surface tension and enables your soap solution to cling to the surface longer.

There are many effective surfactants for soft washing out there. However, you have to be careful when getting one. A surfactant is meant to give all your cleaning a solution, so we have rounded up some of the best surfactants for soft washing.

What is The Purpose of Surfactant in Soft Washing?

Surfactants are one of the many ingredients used in soft washing. Soft washing, as known is a cleaning method that involves the use of low-pressure water; it can affect the cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the house; the purpose of soft washing is to get rid of bacteria, mold, moss, mildew, and other microorganisms.

Surfactant in this regard is the thick liquid material added to other solutions to make up all the soft wash solutions. Also, this chemical allows bleach to hold onto the surface for a longer period during the cleaning. As the name implies, it is a surface-active agent.

To soft wash a house, you can mix any surfactant of your choice and also downstream that mixture. There are different types of surfactants; common ones are detergents, foaming agents, soaps, and wetting agents.

7 Best Surfactant For Soft Washing

The major purpose of surfactant is to ensure all the cleaning products that don’t dissolve normally dissolve, and it also can remove dirt, pollutants, and product buildup through rinsing. Also, surfactants are one of the many compounds that make up a detergent.

Buying a surfactant for soft washing has been considered confusing, but not to worry; below are 7 of the best surfactant to go for.

1. Biopharm Triton X-100 Surfactant

While surfactants are typical, they are not precisely that popular, so if you are using them for the first time, Biopham Triton might be your first go-to.

This surfactant is recommended for creating a vinyl record cleaning solution, it works perfectly for cleaning even the dirtiest vinyl. However, you have to use a minimal amount of this surfactant and ensure you are wearing a glove when you use it.

This surfactant is a nonionic one so it is not diluted and has a hydrophilic polyethylene oxide chain and an aromatic hydrocarbon lipophilic or hydrophobic group; hence it’s a commonly used laboratory cleaning detergent. This is a high-performance cleaner, so the instruction on the label should be followed strictly.

This is also ideal for cleaning than just the fragile surface of your house.

2. Alconox – 1232-1 1232 Liquinox Anionic Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent

Alconox Cleaning liquid detergent also comes in powder form, and it’s another great surfactant that lets you do all kinds of soft or even pressure washing efficiently.

This should turn the water quickly relaxed and make it easier to wash and clean large areas. This is reviewed as an excellent cleaner and very concentrated, so you only need a tiny drop of it.

When it comes to bathroom cleaning and cleaning of all glassware, this can be considered a reliable formula. This is a very effective cleaning agent and should be diluted correctly. It can be used in removing minerals or removing rust from restroom facilities.

So, if you can’t get your hand on any water-soluble surfactant, this should be great; it can be added to a tank mix of the herbicide or pesticide being applied and mixed with water.

3. Total Solutions Surfactant

To make a great surfactant blend that serves as the perfect one to mix for getting rid of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and every irritant on the surface of your hose.

It is described as a powerful surfactant, and it has been discovered to be effective at reducing soil tension, it also stops bacteria from growing on surfaces longer than other types of surfactant.

This product is non-hazardous and a product that works longer. This is also highly rated, and in addition to its excellent cleaning effect, it is also very affordable. This is one of the easiest and most assessable surfactants for many domestic homeowner situations.

4. Yield Titan’s Non-Ionic 80/20 Surfactant

Yield Titan’s Non-ionic surfactant is next on the list, and we have chosen this as it is quite affordable and also comes with a vector blue concentrated spray.

This herbicide surfactant can be used with almost all jets and is non-toxic to people or animals. This surfactant allows easy penetration or chemical sprays and is also effective for stripping all oils, including natural ones.

This is a non-ionic surfactant, so this means that it does have mild cleansing properties, and the vector blue plus the surfactant will indeed prevent you from wasting products.

This is used for enhanced coverage. However, it can be mild, and the blue might not be as effective, but it is considered a worthy investment for the price it offers.


Next on our top list of surfactants for soft washing is the Al New Outdoor Cleaner.

This is the ideal option for soft washing the house and getting rid of that mold, mildew, and all kinds of rust. This is an effective cleaner and quite safe for use around the house and can be used in cleaning your gutters, decks, fencing, and sidings.

This is one of the highly rated surfactants to use for soft washing; it enables bleach and water mix to cling to the surface. This formulated cleaner has various blends of ingredients that are meant to work together as a formulated cleaner to ensure surfaces you clean stay free from bacteria.

6. 21.17 oz Polysorbate 20 Emulsifier

If you are looking for a soft wash surfactant for your lotion, body wash, and shampoo, this product is a good choice. This works as a surfactant and emulsifier; it does come with a soft cloth and stirring spoon; hence you can easily use it for your DIY cosmetics.

This organic product can be used in making room sprays as well, so although this has cleaning properties, but it is mostly best for hair and skin soft washing.

Premium Polysorbate Liquid also works as a pressure wash surfactant. It’s an excellent formula for lowering the tension in your hair. It is the perfect conditioning and cleaning agent in your shampoo and conditioner without stripping your hair of its natural oil or nutrients.

7. NorthStar Max Cling Soft Wash Surfactant

Northstar Max Cling Soft Wash Surfactant is an effective water-soluble that works just perfectly for all soft wash cleaning.

This surfactant also allows the existing solution to cling to the surface even longer than expected, and according to reviews, it does penetrate tough stains, dirt, mold, and mildew.

You do not have to soft wash your house constantly with this product; it should keep your house clean for a minimum of 3 years. However, this majorly applies to homes with vinyl or aluminum siding.

Wrapping it up

Soft washing is a safer alternative to pressure washing, so the concentration is more on the chemicals, as they perform all the challenging tasks.

The surfactants listed above should be perfect for all forms of soft washing; however, we do implore that you follow all the mixing instructions on the label correctly.

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